In order to stimulate fishermen to use more selective fishing systems, as foreseen in the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) that aims to ensure that fisheries and aquaculture are sustainable from an ecological, economic and social perspective, eight permanent desks, one for each target area in Italy and one in Cyprus at national level, will be set up. Trained staff will support fishermen to use opportunities offered by different funds in order to shift their fishing gear to low-impact ones.

The permanent desks will be located in the fishermen cooperatives offices in order to easily reach the potential users and allow them to be informed in real time about the opportunities offered by the EU and national funds (i.e. European Maritime and Fisheries Fund – EMFF) in helping fishermen in the transition to a more sustainable fishing activity. In fact, EMFF offers the possibility to replace normally used gear with low impact ones (circular hooks, traps…) or insert devices to increase selectivity. At the Mer’s offices in Cyprus a desk will be set up and it will be opened a phone-line that fishers can talk to Mer’s officers.